Colourful idioms part 1.

Here are a few useful idioms connected with colours. / Kilka idiomów związanych z kolorami.

  • once in a blue moon – very rarely – raz na ruski rok, e.g. Sophie goes to the cinema once in a blue moon.
  • to have green fingers – to be good at making plants grow – mieć rękę do roślin, e.g. Angela definitely has green fingers – everything in her garden grows really well.
  • to be in the pink – to be healthy – tryskać zdrowiem, e.g. Look at her! Yesterday she couldn’t get out of the bed and today she really is in the pink.
  • in black and white – in writing – czarno na białym, e.g. She won’t say anything until she sees the facts in black and white.
  • to feel/be blue – to be depressed – czuś się przybitym, e.g. She has been feeling blue since she split up with her boyfriend.
  • out of the blue – unexpectedly – ni z tego, ni z owego, e.g. She told him out of the blue that she loved him!

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